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A Guide to Cava, Champagne, Prosecco and Espumante

Article Cava Champagne Crémant Espumante Franciacorta News Prosecco Sparkling wine

They’re all bubbly and sparkle, but they stand out on their own?
Portugal, the promised land for dry wines

Article Branco (White) Dry Wines Madeira wine News Tinto (Red)

Portugal and its relationship with wine stretches back several centuries to the native Lusitanians, Visigoths who controlled the entire Iberian Peninsula, as well as the Romans who occupied the area.Port...

Virginia is for (wine) lovers

Article News

One of the original 13 colonies is also among the country’s oldest wine producers.“Virginia is for lovers” is the state’s tourism motto and if you enjoy wine, you’ll love Virginia.
NFTs enter the bar scene

Article News Non-fungible token

Some blame the COVID-19 pandemic, which kept people at home with nothing to do but surf the web and more money to spend by saving on other outlets, for the...
Portugal, a specialty wine making country

Article News

Portugal, a specialty wine making country In 1997, Sporting CP discovered then 12-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo and signed him for a fee of around $1,800. It was the best deal the...

Certification vs. Real-world Experience

Article News

Doctors are required to have a state medical license to practice medicine. Attorneys must have a professional law degree and be a member of the bar association to dispense legal...

Types of Tequila

Article Barrel-Aged Distillers Education News Spirits Tequila

As with any other spirit, there are several types of tequila. There are different styles that might suit different palates, some that are better for sipping and some that are...
The Casanova Studies; Is Wine the Best drink for Sex?

Article casanova News romance sex

It may be no surprise that many people use wine as an aphrodisiac. A rich wine is very pleasing to the senses, and most people automatically associate wine with a...
Thank You & Happy New Year!

Article News

If next year proves lucky number 21, it will be because we are able to meet its fortunes or misfortunes with our best intentions intact, with the clarity to make...

Some last minute gift ideas for wine and spirit lovers

Article certification christmas egg nog holiday holiday cocktails News Sommelier

Some last minute gift ideas for wine and alcohol lovers Any type of spirit is usually a good present for someone who enjoys a glass or two, and after the...
5 Tips for Enjoying Wine During The Holidays

Article christmas

Are you thinking of hosting a physical or virtual event, party, or dinner? If holiday entertaining is on your mind, you’re contemplating the best ways to choose, serve, and share...

Some last minute gift ideas for wine and spirit lovers

Article gift News

A sommelier’s ultimate mission is for people to share your love and passion for wine. One sommelier’s nose and mouth are completely different from the next, so individual smell and...
Spice up your ‘nog

Article certification christmas egg nog holiday holiday cocktails News Sommelier

A favorite of US presidents, there are several ways to make eggnog a little merrier this Christmas As temperature drops, pine trees are lit and fireplaces are aflame, it can...
Savoring and Sharing Wine This Holiday Season

article christmas holidays wine tasting class

We’re in the season of savoring, sipping, and toasting. Even if this year is different due to health concerns, you can still find ways to find comfort and joy while...
The world’s Best Bars

Article Best Bars News

What makes a great bar? Is it the ambience, the signature cocktails, the music, the history? From classic to modern, trendy to friendly, the list of the best 50 bars...
Singani in the U.S., a Bolivian spirit revolution

Article News singani

After leading the Cuban Revolution along with Fidel Castro and cementing his fame as the archetypal revolutionary, Ernesto “Che” Guevara traveled to Bolivia in 1967 hoping to repeat the feat....
Dia de los Muertos: Food, Culture and Tradition

Article News Uncategorized

October 31 is the kickoff for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a three-day celebration that lasts through November 2 when Mexicans remember and honor loved ones who...
Alejandro Campos, A Chocolate Connoisseur

Article Cacao chocolates News somm

It’s the most delicious, rich, and savory treat, protects against heart disease and a number of other ailments, and it’s one of Latin American contributions to the U.S. and the...
Bolivian Wine: from the Andes to your Table

Article Bertil Tottenborg Bolivian Wine Cinti Valley News Santa Cruz Valley Tarija Valley Winemaker

Bolivia may not instantly come to mind when one thinks of wine, but the South American country has a long and rich viticulture history that dates back to the arrival...
The ‘Arabica’ Whisperer

Article Coffee Producers Coffees & Teas interviews News

The best part of waking up? Well, it’s coffee, of course. Humanity truly runs on this beverage that helps millions of people around the world wake up, work and function....
New Orleans: a mix of cultures gives birth to great cocktails

Article cocktails New Orleans News

Indigenous people called the area where New Orleans now sits as “Balbancha” (land of many tongues). It’s still an apt name for the Crescent City. Anyone who’s visited this Southern...
Raise a toast to Latino Heritage Month

Article hispanic Latino Heritage Month Mexican flag News

The Empire State Building kicked off Latino Heritage Month by shining red, white and green colors onto the New York skylight on September 15 in honor of the Mexican flag....
Smart Labels Make Spirits Come Alive

Article Marketing News Wine studio

Smart appliances, smart clothing and now smart wines, ciders, and beers. In a crowded shelf of wines, ciders and beers, all promoting how good they are, how can they stand...

Article doors jim morrison Music News

Jim Morrison and The Doors remain one of the most enduring enigmas of American Rock N’ Roll. The band that met in film school and called the streets of Venice...