5 Tips for Enjoying Wine During The Holidays

5 Tips for Enjoying Wine During The Holidays
Are you thinking of hosting a physical or virtual event, party, or dinner? If holiday entertaining is on your mind, you’re contemplating the best ways to choose, serve, and share wines with your family, friends, and neighbors.

This holiday season offers a great time to expand, experiment, and explore different wines, virtual events, and foods that bring out the best of the season.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the holiday season.

Think Outside the Room

If you’re hosting an event, look for ways to accommodate your holiday guests. Some people may not be joining you in person, yet they want to be part of the festivities.

This will require a different level of care, consideration, and planning. Personalize your approach to be inclusive of everyone on your guest list.

Include your guests with an invitation by zoom, email, or a handwritten note.
Ignite interest by sharing the menu in advance.

• Send gifts of wine to guests who are not joining you in person.

• Share recipes so guests can prepare pairings, virtually.

• Set a specific time for meeting up with guests via a Zoom call.

While it’s not the same as ‘being there’ you’ll be able to share the joys of visiting with your guests—even if you’re not sitting in the same room.

Think Beyond the Event

Sharing the holiday festivities is something that gets you thinking like an architect or interior designer. Take a walk around your home and look for opportunities to enjoy delicious wine and food.

This may inspire you to invest in quick renovations or get some fun new appliances, furnishings, and decorations. As many professionals are now working from home and spending more time at home, organize your house to feature enjoying wine.

Here are a few ideas that are easy to do.

• Display your favorite wines in the kitchen, dining room, or living room.

• Get a separate wine refrigerator for serving chilled champagne and white wines.

• Set up a wine rack under a staircase for easy access, without having to go to a cellar.

• Display your glasses, corkscrews, and wine photos to evoke a warm invitation.

• Put out your favorite holiday glasses, bottle, and corkscrew near your fireplace.

These simple tips will help you set the mood for enjoyment—before, during, and after your holiday party. Plus, you’ll get a jump on entertaining for New Year, and throughout the coming year.

Match Flavors and Feelings

Wine and champagnes have unique flavors and evoke different feelings. Think about what you’d like to share most with your guests.

Many peoples like to kick off a gathering by sharing champagne or sparkling wines. Try something unusual such as Adega Mayor, a bubbly white. There’s just something about bubbly drinks that gets the party started. People will start talking, opening up, and sharing recent events.

Not only is sparkling wine e great for conversation, but it also ignites the appetite. If you’re starting a party, have plenty of tasty treats and appetizers to go with the bubbly. Adega Major pairs perfectly with sushi or salmon on crackers. Sparkling wines offer subtle flavors that pair well with a mushroom pate or tasty cheeses.

As you move forward into the main course, consider wines that pair well with the mood you’d like to create. For light entrees, pick a white wine such as Chardonnay. For heartier fare, head to the reds, such as Adega Mayor Reserva.

Naturally, if you have a particular dish such as a roast, steak, or meat delicacy, pick the red that will bring out the flavors. You may want to explore reserve wines such as a dense Lima Mayer Reserva, known for hearty tannin-rich flavors.

If you aren’t sure which wines will work best, it’s time to learn more about wines. Study with a master sommelier and you’ll be well-prepared to match the best wines to your party menu.

Cook and Celebrate with Wine

As you’re planning your holiday menu, look for holiday recipes that feature certain favorite wines. A classic example is beef bourguignon, often made and served with a substantial red wine. Open up a few bottles of red wine while you’re cooking. Have a taste while you’re cooking, and use liberally to enhance flavors.

 you have some guests arriving early, share the experience of cooking and celebrating in the kitchen.

Other dishes that integrate wine into the cooking and enjoying include coq au vin, risotto, and roasted chicken. You may be able to grab some rosemary stems from your garden, and use white wines and broth to create a delicious stock. The aromas will draw guests into the kitchen and you’ll get the party started in no time.

Extend The Holiday Spirit

While you’re planning the menu, selecting the wines, and setting the mood…think about ways to extend the holiday spirit.

One of the simplest ways to share the festivities is to send guests home with a few bottles of the wines you’ve shared. If you know your guest preferences, you can vary the mixture to lean more heavily to reds or whites.

A fun way to create a take-home gift basket is to prepare a gift of wine carriers, complete with four bottles of your favorites. Your guests will be thrilled and everyone will appreciate your thoughtfulness and generous spirit.

Sharing the holidays this year, we’re all looking to make up for a lost time. A gift basket of favorite wines will be with your friends and family for years to come. They’ll use it for picnics, outings, and listening to jazz in the park. Whenever they use the carrier, they’ll recall the good times and your close friends.

Alternatively, share the gift of learning with your holiday guests. Extend the party by planning to take a master class on specific wines, such as the Best Bolivian wines. You can do this virtually or set a date to meet for an in-person party and master class. Either way, you’ll have a next step for socializing, learning, and enjoying the joys of the holidays.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!