Some last minute gift ideas for wine and spirit lovers

Some last minute gift ideas for wine and spirit lovers

Some last minute gift ideas for wine and alcohol lovers

Any type of spirit is usually a good present for someone who enjoys a glass or two, and after the year we’ve had, we all deserve a drink.

If you’re still looking for a gift that will not only quench their palate, but also teach them something and even lead them to start a collection, we have some suggestions. They include games, unique whiskies and subscriptions services.


Connoisseurs and beginners will get a kick out of “The Wine Game” that comes packaged like a wine crate and includes two decks of cards—one white, one red—featuring drawings from all major wine producing regions around the world. To play it, you match cards from these regions with the winner being the player with the most matches. Novices will soon be able to distinguish Bordeaux from Burgundy and Chardonnay from Chenin. To make it even more fun, pair with the game with your favorite bottle and make everyone take a drink every time they get matching cards.

Another option to hone your wine skills and have some fun along the way is the Somm Blinders Blind Tasting Game pack with cards for high or low acidity, high or low tannins, containing oak or not, regions and varietals. The point of the game is to match the cards in your hand to the wine that you think you’re drinking.


Merlot, Chardonnay or rosé, the choice is theirs.

Instead of gifting a subscription for wines that your loved ones may or may not like, why not give them one that you know they’ll enjoy. The Winc wine club is tailored to the individual’s taste and flavors. If you know what they like, you take a short quiz about their preferences and the company sends wines that adhere to that. If you don’t know exactly, you can simply give buy

them a e-gift card so they can choose it on their own. Either way, you can’t go wrong.


Another way to customize a wine gift is to…well, personalize it.

Moët & Chandon sparkling wine allows you to personalize the packaging from a list of suggested words, or you can create your own message to print on the metal gift box. It can be something whimsical, kind, or simply the name of the recipient. Whatever you choose, it adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness to a simple gift. Some wine choices include Moët Impérial Brut with hints of peach and citrus, as well as rosé Impérial that tastes of red berries.


Do you know a wine lover who always dreams about selling everything and owning their own vineyard? You might not be able to afford an entire site, but you can definitely get them closer to realize their dream. Several vineyards offer the chance to own a vine and enjoy its fruits in bottle form. Such is the case of the Maltzman Family Vineyards in Encinitas, California, which offers the option to adopt a Syrah vine at their Gold Creek Winery. The vineyard will commemorate your adoption with a customized sign on your vine, send you a photo of the vine and a 70 ml bottle of Syrah wine from the vineyard. For a closer relationship with the vine, you’re allowed to visit the site anytime the winery is opened and learn about the vine-to-wine process.


For those with a stronger palate, and who may want to enjoy a different take on a familiar item, there’s the Abasolo Ancestral Corn Whisky. Hailing from south of the border, the golden-hued spirit is produced in the first distillery dedicated to Mexican whisky using a 4,000-year-old process nixtamalization—the same technique used to make tortillas. Doubly distilled in copper pots, the whisky is both rich and smooth and comes with hints of roasted grain, honey and



For the avid traveler or the person who enjoys having a cocktail while on the road (but now while they’re driving), there’s no better gift than the Cartel Old-Fashioned, a mini bar kit that looks like a tin of breath mints but actually includes everything one might need to make six old-fashioned cocktails. The package comes with cane sugar cubes, three types of bitters, a muddler spoon, cocktail picks and a linen coaster for placing your drink without ruining the furniture. You’ll just have to add the spirit of your choice, maybe bourbon or rum.


People collect coins, stamps, and why not corkscrews?

You can spend a few dollars at your local wine store or hundreds on a high-end item, such as the French Laguiole collection that are true works of art and are regarded as some of the best corkscrews on the market. You can also opt for rare, beautiful or antique corkscrews that can bring an added story or history with them.


For those who prefer the latest, high-tech gadgets there’s the Coravin Model Three Wine System that allows you to taste a wine without opening the bottle. Using a needle-like device, it extracts a small amount of the liquid without damaging the cork. Then, simply tip and pour and save the rest of the bottle for weeks, months or even years without impacting its taste. This is possible because 99.99% ultra-pure argon gas powers the System and preserves the wine.

Happy hours, holiday and company parties, and plain old get-togethers may be on hold this year, but these gifts still allow you to raise a glass with friends and family, either in small settings or virtually, so you can celebrate your friendship and love in this holiday season.

Written by: Birdie deQuay