Bringing experts to your table

Expand your passion beyond the glass and the bottle. Take a Somm Class and connect with the experts.


In a world of curated perfection, we strives to connect you to what’s real and true. To fully experience the world around us, in all the depth that it brings, is to be human. We seek these connections in all that we do, and share those connections with you.


Leap, and you’ll find your own depths are ever-expanding. From prized knowledge in the most particular fields to the strong connections we forge with ourselves, SOMM offers a glimpse at your own unparalleled depths.

True experience

Curated products from masters in their craft. Heart-to-hearts with movers in the industry. The connections between you and your next experience have never been stronger.


Our mission

The bottle reaches your table, and the cup reaches your lips. This is where the experience stops for many. To be honest, it’s a bit boring.

The grains, grapes, hops and yeasts swirling within every bottle have their own story to tell. For those who listen, it is an invitation to another world. We connect you to that world. From wineries and distilleries to vintners and brewers , coffee & tea growers, the professionals and their creations; we allow you to shake hands with the entire cast of hearts that make your every experience possible.

We invite you to keep company with the enthusiastic, to dive in with the passionate and purposeful – to truly connect with the romantic others in this world just like you.

At Sommtable we welcome all. Whether you have a passion for wine, spirits, coffee, tea, chocolate or even tobacco, Sommtable invites you in to the experiences that move you, that ring the gong through your being. To find this depth is the act of an expert. Here we refer to our experts as Somms, from the formal Sommelier, the stewards of true experience. To us, you are a Somm. The two requirements of a Somm are a passion for your craft and a love to connect with others and their truth, creating memorable experiences.

Explore the world of the sommelier with us through engaging content, virtual and in-person tours booked directly from our site, and through our online marketplace featuring products from around the world.

The trends speak for themselves; the culture surrounding the Epicurean experience is getting younger. More curious, driven minds are diving into the field than ever before, carving avenues that have only been dreamed of until now. Yet the world is smaller than ever, and the growing community must become more adaptive than ever.

We understand that need. Sommtable is the place where a hobbyist distiller rubs elbows with top sommeliers. Where even seasoned veterans can find something fresh from a newly-discovered winery, distillery, or plantation. No matter your background, the way forward is through experiences that are authentic and ringing with truth.

You can buy wines, book tours, and even find group experiences at your favorite restaurant directly from the site. Yet just as the world it presents, Sommtable is so much more.
As for us, we are a group of avid stewards who believe in the best experience. We seek to illuminate the golden thread of good taste running through everyone who has ever taken a sip and wanted more. More knowledge, more connection, more passion. More chances to truly experience reality in every sip – to taste what the moment has to offer.
Our goal is to bring this into reality; to lead the charge into this new era in wine and spirits. To grow closer to ourselves through the genuine experiences that surround us, reaching out to ask for connection.
Our passion leads us forward, along with everyone who has ever heard the call and wanted more.

Are you with us?