Savoring and Sharing Wine This Holiday Season

Savoring and Sharing Wine This Holiday Season

The Joys of Savoring and Sharing Wine This Holiday Season

It’s the holidays! We’re in the season of savoring, sipping, and toasting. Even if this year is different due to health concerns, you can still find ways to find comfort and joy while sharing a glass of wine with friends and loved ones.

Curious about how to get the most out of your wine enjoyment? Let’s explore some sipping insights, helpful tasting tips, and fun ways to toast your friends in the coming weeks.


Take a Virtual Masterclass

You may not have taken a wine tasting class — yet. This is the fastest and most fun way to learn and refine your palate. Masterclasses are taught by people who are passionate and extremely educated in wine. A sommelier is a person schooled in the art and enjoyment of wines. You’ll be amazed at the little nuances and in-depth insights you’ll gain from a pro.

Of course, the best part is you’ll discover and open your horizons to the joys of wine. 

Discover The 4 Basic Steps

Welcome to the world of wine tasting. Sommeliers and wine connoisseurs recommend an in-depth experience that involves all the senses. You’ll use your eyes, nose, taste buds, and brainpower to enhance and cultivate your palate.

If you’re curious about wine tasting, use these four steps to maximize your appreciation.

First, look at the wine. You can do this by inspecting the wine and noticing variations in color and transparency. As you get familiar with the wine’s appearance, check out how the wine appears in the glass. This is often called ‘wine legs’ a term that speaks to the viscosity of each vintage. 

Second, check out the smell. Use your nose to identify broad categories. In reds, you’ll notice fragrances such as fruitiness such as strawberry or blackberry. In whites, you may notice tropical fruit aromas, floral notes, or herbs. 

You may also notice secondary aromas, especially in white wines. These can be similar to smells you’d associate with cheeses, yeasty beer, or almonds. Finally, consider savory smells, often the result of aging in casks and bottles. These smells range from vanilla, cocoa, or tobacco.  

Next, it’s time to taste. At last! This is the time to introduce the wine to your mouth. Allow the wine to sit on your tongue. Savor the flavors such as sour, tangy, bitter, or savory. Explore the way the wine lingers and feels like a way to enjoy the tannins and texture. Notice how the flavors evolve from the beginning sip to the middle, to the finish. 

Finally, use your brain to identify what you notice about this wine. Do you find it unique or bland? Is it something you feel you can’t live without, or could you be careless? Ultimately, you are the master of your wine assessment. If you love the balance, look, smell, taste, and experience—you’ve got a winner.

5 Helpful Tasting Tips

As you enter the world of wine, it helps to have some practical tasting tips. You don’t have to learn everything at once. Yet, knowing these tips can help you enjoy the experience and take your wine palate to the next level. 

Learn About Your Favorite Wines

If you’re a fan of big reds, focus on the looks, smells, and dimensions of red wines. If you’re more of a medium red lover, specialize in Pinot, and get familiar with the true-ruby color of this varietal. 

As you explore different wines, focus on a selection that matches your palate.

Get to Know Wine Legs 

This popular term tells us a lot about alcohol content. Thicker legs indicate more alcohol. This often is found in wines that have higher sugar content.

Know When to Swallow 

Some wine connoisseurs swallow, while others do not. If you’re tasting wine at home, you most likely will also want to drink it. However, if you’re doing a big wine tasting, you may choose to pace yourself. While it seems a little odd to spit out the wine, once you get familiar with doing this, it may be your method of choice.

Expand Your Sense of Smell 

Wine aromas are rich and complex. Aromas will give you information long before you ever taste the wine. One way to expand your sense of smell is to take whiffs of different lengths. Alternate a short sniff with a longer inhalation. It sounds a little odd but try it.

Learn from Experts 

A trained sommelier can pick out grape varieties, cask aging, vintages, and locations where the grapes were grown. Some pros are so skilled they can even determine the specific location, such as hillsides, nearby vegetation, or even the exact vintner. 

The single best way to gain this level of skill is to take a Masterclass and learn directly. There is nothing that compares to a personalized tour of the wines you love.

3 Easy Ways to Toast Friends and Family 

As we enjoy the holiday season, we’re all looking to share our special moments with friends and families. 

If you have wine lovers on your gift list, your shopping is easy and fast. Here are a few things to help reduce the stress of finding the perfect gift.

Give Specialized Bottle Carriers

Great wine bottle carriers help your friends and family enjoy wine in parks, picnics, and outings. You’ll inspire your loved ones to relax, reduce stress, and enjoy the pleasure of being outside with the wines of their choice. 

Take a Virtual Masterclass Together

Looking to enjoy, sip, and learn together? Sign up for a masterclass—together. You’ll not only have the joy of a shared virtual event, but you’ll also learn about specific wines, such as magnificent Bolivian wines.  

At the same time, you’ll create social connections in a time when your loved ones are thirsty for contact. Sipping wine and socializing is good for your health. Medical experts confirm that this can be a great way to support heart health and reduce stress—something we could all use this season.

Give The Gift of Wine

Why not extend the holiday season forward? Give the gift of wine now, and throughout the year. Share the joys with glasses, insights, and the promise of enjoyment with friends and family.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season.