Thank You & Happy New Year!

Thank You & Happy New Year!
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If next year proves lucky number 21, it will be because we are able to meet its fortunes or misfortunes with our best intentions intact, with the clarity to make the best choice whenever we have a choice.

This year has forced us to view what we do differently.  How do we gauge what goes in to each product on the shelf? While marketing teams work around the clock to force a purchase before it ever reaches our lips, we miss out on some of the finest experiences possible.

This endless hustle, the ever-present push towards unconscious consumption, it has led to a race for a life that is just above mediocre.

We, like you, believe in better.

At Sommtable, we believe that the finer things in life belong on every table. Knowing this, we set out to create a space where all can reach for worlds they’ve never been…yet.

See, our experiences are truly our own. So we deliver you more of these experiences. We bottle their essence to be uncorked at home. Let them breathe. Take a sip of their journey.

We deliver not just a name, but a way of relating to the world around us. An experience. Our experience.

With live classes led exclusively by Sommeliers and experts in fine products, you get a chance to not only hear the explanation of a product or its roots, but to live it as well, just as the expert has.

Our curated box kits are carefully packaged with hard-to-find products from all corners and areas of expertise; ranging from fine wines and ancient chocolate recipes, to one-of-a-kind spirits and cigars masterfully hand-rolled.

Sommtable goes through great lengths to find these unique products, pair them together with the right combinations, and locate the very best experts to walk you through the journey of what you’re tasting.

Live classes can be exclusive, or in groups. Whether celebrating a birthday, anniversary, corporate events or simple gathering of friends and family, this world is as open as you make it.

Just like us, each product is the sum of its own experience. They each have a story to tell, and search for those who are ready to listen.

There are those who let life happen around them. Seek the will to truly experience life. Because it is seeking you.

If we sound like look-on-the-bright-siders, it’s because we’ve seen glimmers all year. We are profoundly grateful to be surrounded by sommeliers, experts, and communities who—despite the trials of 2020 — habitually chose love over fear. Giving over taking. Perseverance. Progress. Creativity.

We thank you for giving us reason to feel thankful. And for helping us see all the ways we are already lucky.

Happy New Year 2021!