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Forme parte de una comunidad de organizadores, reúna a las personas y comuníquese de nuevas formas.

How it all happens

If you are already making an Impression, we are glad to see you again! To post an online Impression, come up with an original idea and send it to us for review.

Think Through The Impression
All Experiences must meet our quality standards: expert knowledge, behind-the-scenes access, and contact. It is equally important how the interactive interaction with the guests will take place and what materials they will need at the meeting. Use the minimum amount of funds. When you have an idea, submit it for review.
Share an idea
Describe your event. This information will be visible in the app and on the Impressions page. Tell us in detail what you propose to do. Until you get the first reviews, the price should be low. Set the duration to no more than 90 minutes.
Send a request
Almost done! In the Location section, check the box Yes, this is an online Impression. After filling out all the fields, send a request. Our team will review it and report the result within 2-4 weeks.
Create a comfortable environment
While your application is pending, choose a convenient location for the event and think about how to set up the camera, lighting, and sound. Start mastering the Zoom conference platform. Don't worry: we will provide you with the resources to help you succeed.

El mundo a través de los ojos del organizador

Si ya está causando una impresión, ¡nos alegra verte de nuevo! Para publicar una Impresión en línea, presente una idea original y envíenosla para que la revisemos.

Rely on us

We will support you: we will provide you with access to training materials and opportunities for development.

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