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Portugal, a Wine Lover’s Guide

Article News Portugal Portuguese Wine varietals wine Winemaker

Portugal, a wine’s lover guide Chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, riesling, malbec, barbera, Nebbiolo, sangiovese, pinot grigio. Those names instantly conjure images of vineyards in Italy, France...
16 Mother’s Day gifts for Wine Moms

Article mom mother day Mothers Day mothers day gift ideas News

Mother’s Day is coming up soon. Do you know what you are going to get for your wife or mom? Our moms are so special. They take care of everyone...
Rolling out the New Trends in Barrel-Aged Craft Beers

Article News Uncategorized

Rolling out the New Trends in Barrel-Aged Craft Beers As timeless as barrel-aging is, it is relatively new in the field of craft beer. This is hard to believe, as...
Mexican Spirits | uno cero uno

Article News Tequila

When it comes to Mexican spirits, everyone's heard of tequila, and people are increasingly aware of mezcal. Less well-known is a third Mexican spirit, sotol, though any good mixologist will...
A Whiskey for St Patrick’s Day

Article Distillers Ireland News Spirits Whiskey

With the recent boom in Irish distilling, we’re spoiled for choice on finding a whiskey for St Patrick’s Day on March 17th. Indeed, maybe you could even break with tradition...
French Brandy and Cognac 101

Armagnac Article Brandy Cognac News Spirits

Brandy is made in many countries, but it is French brandy, and cognac in particular, that has gained a reputation for the best quality. Is this true? Let’s take a...
Spice Up Your Spirits for Valentine’s Day

Article Flavors Gin News Rum Spirits Tequila Vodka

It's long been thought that spices are good for the sex drive. Eating spices like cloves and ginger increases the blood flow, which should make for a more passionate Valentine's...
XOXO; What it means (and can you drink it?)

Article Bars News Spirits XOXO

XOXO; What it means (and can you drink it?) Most people understand XOXO means hugs and kisses. It’s a short, simple way to sign off on a cute valentine to...
Boozy Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Article Champagne cognac Flavors Gin News Rum Spirits Tequila Vodka Whiskey

Forget regular chocolates, what you need are boozy chocolates for Valentine's Day. We take a look at some of your spiked chocolate options.
The Ancient Power of the Pomegranate

Article News pomegranate wine

The Ancient Power of the Pomegranate “For the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and springs, flowing forth...
If You Want Vodka, Give Peas a Chance

Article black eye vodka News Vodka

A vodka was recently launched in Texas, BLK EYE (no, don't ask me how you pronounce it), that's made from black-eyed peas. It's not exactly an obvious choice for a...
Bats for Tequila

Article Carlos Camarena Distillers La Altena Distillery Mexico News Spirits Tequila

When you're a tequila distiller, it must be quite a challenge to go to your fellow distillers and ask them to make less tequila. It was a challenge facing Carlos...
Champagne or Shampagne?

Article Champagne News

When it comes to New Year there’s nothing quite like champagne for special occasions. Or is there? There’s a bewildering variety of sparkling wines out there, such as Spanish cava...
Fifteen Vintners Under One Innovative Roof

Article Chardonnay cooperative News Pinot Noir Portland Riesling Wine Bars Wine studio Winemakers

Traditional wine tasting rooms are dull, am I right? It’s time for something new. There are enough wineries out there to keep me happy for a long time – but...
Portland, Pinot Noir and Poltergeists

Article Chardonnay News Pinot Noir Portland Sustainable Tirage Brut Winemaker

We’ve had a few innovative wines come out over the last decade or so. Wait, maybe they’ve been around forever, and it’s just me that’s been around the last decade...
Doctor Who’s South Australian HQ’s

Article Barrel-Aged Grand Tokay News South Australia Tawny

I know you’ve always wanted to turn the clock back. We’ve all dabbled at least once in the idea of going back in time. Some of us remain on the...
Pindarie’s Paying the Pied Piper

Article Australia Food Pairing News Pies Rose Savagnin Shiraz Wine Pairing Winemaker

It’s no secret that wine pairs well with certain types of food. Now, I’m no wine food pairing expert, by any stretch of the imagination. To be honest, my specialty...
The #Nofilter Wine

Article Central Otago New Zealand News Organic Pinot Blanc Sustainable Unfiltered

You wouldn’t drink unfiltered water, but would you drink unfiltered wine? And no, I don’t mean that you’ve gone out and bought a filter system for your dreadful tap water....
The Vineyard that Gandalf Built

Article Central Otago Continental Climate New Zealand News Pinot Noir Riesling Sauvignon Blanc

When you’ve got a lake, picture perfect scenery, and the world’s southern-most grown grapes, you’ve got a recipe for success. Now, the last time you were near a mountain may...
Mother Nature’s Tchaikovsky

Article Chardonnay Margaret River Natural News Terroir Winemaker winery

If you’re the debating type, then you may want to reference this when you’re asked this question in the future. While all wine is man-made, there are certain degrees of...
Follow Your Nose to Howard Park

Aroma Aromatics Article Australia Margaret River News Riesling Winemaker

There’s aromatic, and there’s pungent. If you’re a reasonably well functioning adult who can do their own laundry and feed the cat when you feed yourself, then you should know...
Te Mata’s Unique Craggy Range

Article Chardonnay Hawke's Bay New Zealand News Te Mata Unique Vineyard Winemaker winery

Even the most innovative, forward-thinking people who come up with crazy stuff got their inspiration from somewhere. Finding something that's unique in this world is like joining the ranks of...
Crunching the Numbers for a Passion Project

Article Chardonnay New Zealand News Noble Riesling Waiheke Island Winemaker winery

How many of you actually turn your passion project into a profitable business? Most of us toil away at the job we are told is best suited to us. From...
Icewine: The Fifth Element

Article Cabernet Franc Canada Icewine News Niagara Riesling Vidal Winemaker

You’ve heard of ice, (not trying to insult your intelligence) and you’ve heard of wine. But have you heard of icewine? Just when you thought you had the wine thing...