When Tuscany Meets North Cantebury

When Tuscany Meets North Cantebury

You’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re walking into Tuscany when you bound down the steps to Pegasus.

In fact, you’ll struggle to think about anything else. Once you’ve been drawn in by the fitting garden and hedge ware that surrounds the entrance, this vineyard won’t disappoint.

Sometimes it’s a struggle to know where to start when painting a picture of an award-winning vineyard. Maybe we could begin with the outstanding restaurant – if you’re picky about what you eat with your wine, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss lunch.

If you don’t want to miss lunch when you visit Pegasus, you’ll have to think about it a couple of days in advance. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself standing outside the entrance, forlornly staring at the sign that says ‘we’re sorry, but the restaurant is fully booked.’

This happens more often than you may realize. So does tasting some damn good wine, too.

If you’re a context person and can’t help but be that person of the group who’s got to ask all the questions, you’ll be pleased with how far Pegasus is prepared to go when revealing their winemaking process. When you step into the wine tasting room, you’ll be met with friendly staff behind the bar that are only too happy to start you on your Pegasus tasting journey.

If you take a second from sipping and look towards the back of the tasting room, you’ll note that a bit of the wall isn’t wall at all – it’s glass. Through this glass, you’ll see the cogs and wheels turning that make this vineyard what it is each and every day – the wine barrels.

You could get a bunch of investment capitalists and create a garishly decorative winery estate that screams success and affluence. Or you could start from the ground up, create a reasonably modest abode for your grapes and remind your wine drinkers of how your vines closely resemble those found in Italy.

The choice is up to you – but we think that the latter works pretty well. After all, why wouldn’t you put more of your money where your mouth is, and make great wine that will draw people in, whatever your pad looks like?

If you’re a no holds barred kind of person that likes to try every drop there is out there, you’ll want to put Pegasus Bay on your weekend wine tour.

Pegasus Bay Wines

Aria: this is the kind of Riesling that you don’t want to miss out on. Sure, you’ve got your dry Rieslings and your sweeter kinds. However, you know it’s good when a winery like Pegasus releases a new subtype.

The most recent Aria you can nab from Pegasus was bottled in 2014. The initial release will present you with a lemon colored yellow. You’ll experience stone fruits along with limes and mandarins. Jasmine and honeysuckle will sweep in and remind you that you’re drinking a Riesling.

Maestro: this next Pegasus wine lives up to its masculine namesake. Maestro is a strong marriage of Merlot and Malbec, delivering an almost obnoxious kick as soon as you take the first sip.

Concentration and weight are evident through this wine’s inky, dark appearance. Blackcurrant and plum will indicate that this wine is bursting with dark fruit flavors, followed closely by black olive, licorice, and vanilla pod. Need we say that the palate of this wine is filling and rich, making it a great option when eating dense dishes like lasagna or steak.

We know we don’t need to tell you to open your horizons when it comes to wine.

There is an endless array of flavors and distinctions that each bring unique characteristics to each vintage that’s bottled. They need to be enjoyed, and they need people like you to appreciate the possibility of so much wine – otherwise, there’d be no one available to drink it.