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Bolivian Wine: from the Andes to your Table

Article Bertil Tottenborg Bolivian Wine Cinti Valley News Santa Cruz Valley Tarija Valley Winemaker

Bolivia may not instantly come to mind when one thinks of wine, but the South American country has a long and rich viticulture history that dates back to the arrival...
Rock ‘n’ Wine

Article News Rose Winemaker

Legendary music icon Jon Bon Jovi Brings Puts His Talent to a Good Cause Rock music and wine may not seem an obvious pairing at first glance, but singer, songwriter...
Through Matt’s Lens

Article News Photography Winemaker

We are used to being delivered a steady stream of beautiful images – especially in the artistic world of the average connoisseur. And to be honest, they can seem like...
Portugal, a Wine Lover’s Guide

Article News Portugal Portuguese Wine varietals wine Winemaker

Portugal, a wine’s lover guide Chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, riesling, malbec, barbera, Nebbiolo, sangiovese, pinot grigio. Those names instantly conjure images of vineyards in Italy, France...
Portland, Pinot Noir and Poltergeists

Article Chardonnay News Pinot Noir Portland Sustainable Tirage Brut Winemaker

We’ve had a few innovative wines come out over the last decade or so. Wait, maybe they’ve been around forever, and it’s just me that’s been around the last decade...
Pindarie’s Paying the Pied Piper

Article Australia Food Pairing News Pies Rose Savagnin Shiraz Wine Pairing Winemaker

It’s no secret that wine pairs well with certain types of food. Now, I’m no wine food pairing expert, by any stretch of the imagination. To be honest, my specialty...
Mother Nature’s Tchaikovsky

Article Chardonnay Margaret River Natural News Terroir Winemaker winery

If you’re the debating type, then you may want to reference this when you’re asked this question in the future. While all wine is man-made, there are certain degrees of...
Follow Your Nose to Howard Park

Aroma Aromatics Article Australia Margaret River News Riesling Winemaker

There’s aromatic, and there’s pungent. If you’re a reasonably well functioning adult who can do their own laundry and feed the cat when you feed yourself, then you should know...
Te Mata’s Unique Craggy Range

Article Chardonnay Hawke's Bay New Zealand News Te Mata Unique Vineyard Winemaker winery

Even the most innovative, forward-thinking people who come up with crazy stuff got their inspiration from somewhere. Finding something that's unique in this world is like joining the ranks of...
Crunching the Numbers for a Passion Project

Article Chardonnay New Zealand News Noble Riesling Waiheke Island Winemaker winery

How many of you actually turn your passion project into a profitable business? Most of us toil away at the job we are told is best suited to us. From...
Icewine: The Fifth Element

Article Cabernet Franc Canada Icewine News Niagara Riesling Vidal Winemaker

You’ve heard of ice, (not trying to insult your intelligence) and you’ve heard of wine. But have you heard of icewine? Just when you thought you had the wine thing...
Two Vineyards by the Lake

Aligote Article Canada Gamay Noir News Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario Vidal Icewine Winemaker

Why use one vineyard to grow your grapes, when you can use two? When it comes to wine, the more, the merrier. You could stick to the standard single vineyard...
When One Note Meets Another

Article Chardonnay Chenin Blanc Classical Music Maestro News South Africa Stellenbosch Winemaker Winemaking

DeMorgenzon Estate, located along the famous Stellenbosch strip in South Africa, believes in the motivating power of music. Their belief floats around the idea that classical music can positively influence...
An Estate with an Eye For Resistance

Article Chenin Blanc Merlot News South Africa Stellenbosch Sustainable Trutina Winemaker

Sometimes it’s nice to pull away all the fluff and just focus on the beautiful simplicity found in something. These days, we’re all dressing up too much – or too...
Idaho Wine? As If

Article Huckleberries Idaho News Red Blend Riesling Saint Chapelle Winemaker

In fact, Idaho is the butt of the joke when it has come to wine in the past. Everyone had lost hope a long time ago that Idaho could produce...
The Novelty of Cheap Wine

Affordable Wine Article Cabernet Sauvignon Chardonnay News Stillwater Syrah Washington Winemaker

It’s no secret that you don’t want to pay through the nose for great wine. While there are the lucky few of us who can afford to cough up excessive...
Square Peg Vs. Dry Hole

Article Dry Farming News Pinot Noir Sonoma Winemaker

How are you supposed to get a square peg into a dry hole? Some would say that you can’t farm without water. I mean, it’s common sense, even to the...
What Do Nirvana and Colagrossi Have in Common?

Article Californian Wine Italian Wine News Sonoma Winemaker

There’s a lot to be said for garages. I mean, we all know what they’re meant to do. But who really uses them for what they’re intended? Why park your...
When Tuscany Meets North Cantebury

Article grape varieties New Zealand News wine Winemaker winery

You’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re walking into Tuscany when you bound down the steps to Pegasus. In fact, you’ll struggle to think about anything else. Once you’ve been...
How to Inspire the Winemaking Process

Article Australia Cellar Door News Winemaker Winemakers

There are two things to get clear when talking about the Brown Brothers. The first is that there are many Browns, not just the brothers. The second is that there...
Wine: It’s in the Family

Article Australia Cabernet Canberra News Riesling Winemaker

When you look for wine, you want a personalized touch. You want to know the rich, deep history behind it – how they make the wine, why they make it...
Georgian wine, tasting history.

Article Georgian wine Kvevri News Winemaker

There’s really no other way to explain it. Blood, sweat, boundless patience and tears have gone into the cultivation and production of Georgian wine. This is because Georgian wine is...