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Types of Tequila

Article Barrel-Aged Distillers Education News Spirits Tequila

As with any other spirit, there are several types of tequila. There are different styles that might suit different palates, some that are better for sipping and some that are...
Behind the Scenes of Tequila Making

Article Latino Heritage Month News Tequila

A Cinco de Mayo Special: Behind the Scenes of Tequila Making
The First “Shot” Ever Served: A Tale of the West

Article News shots Story Thursday Tequila tequila shots whiskey shots wild west

It’s always a race against the heat in the West. Hell, there’s a score of difference races around here. There’s a race to the riches and a race to the...
Mexican Spirits | uno cero uno

Article News Tequila

When it comes to Mexican spirits, everyone's heard of tequila, and people are increasingly aware of mezcal. Less well-known is a third Mexican spirit, sotol, though any good mixologist will...
Spice Up Your Spirits for Valentine’s Day

Article Flavors Gin News Rum Spirits Tequila Vodka

It's long been thought that spices are good for the sex drive. Eating spices like cloves and ginger increases the blood flow, which should make for a more passionate Valentine's...
Boozy Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Article Champagne cognac Flavors Gin News Rum Spirits Tequila Vodka Whiskey

Forget regular chocolates, what you need are boozy chocolates for Valentine's Day. We take a look at some of your spiked chocolate options.
Bats for Tequila

Article Carlos Camarena Distillers La Altena Distillery Mexico News Spirits Tequila

When you're a tequila distiller, it must be quite a challenge to go to your fellow distillers and ask them to make less tequila. It was a challenge facing Carlos...