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Types of Tequila

Article Barrel-Aged Distillers Education News Spirits Tequila

As with any other spirit, there are several types of tequila. There are different styles that might suit different palates, some that are better for sipping and some that are...
A Whiskey for St Patrick’s Day

Article Distillers Ireland News Spirits Whiskey

With the recent boom in Irish distilling, we’re spoiled for choice on finding a whiskey for St Patrick’s Day on March 17th. Indeed, maybe you could even break with tradition...
French Brandy and Cognac 101

Armagnac Article Brandy Cognac News Spirits

Brandy is made in many countries, but it is French brandy, and cognac in particular, that has gained a reputation for the best quality. Is this true? Let’s take a...
Spice Up Your Spirits for Valentine’s Day

Article Flavors Gin News Rum Spirits Tequila Vodka

It's long been thought that spices are good for the sex drive. Eating spices like cloves and ginger increases the blood flow, which should make for a more passionate Valentine's...
XOXO; What it means (and can you drink it?)

Article Bars News Spirits XOXO

XOXO; What it means (and can you drink it?) Most people understand XOXO means hugs and kisses. It’s a short, simple way to sign off on a cute valentine to...
Boozy Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Article Champagne cognac Flavors Gin News Rum Spirits Tequila Vodka Whiskey

Forget regular chocolates, what you need are boozy chocolates for Valentine's Day. We take a look at some of your spiked chocolate options.
Bats for Tequila

Article Carlos Camarena Distillers La Altena Distillery Mexico News Spirits Tequila

When you're a tequila distiller, it must be quite a challenge to go to your fellow distillers and ask them to make less tequila. It was a challenge facing Carlos...
The Spirit of a Sustainable Island

Article Distillers Gin News spirits Vodka Washington Island Whiskey Winsconsin

You’d be forgiven, then, for dropping your jaw in surprise and shock when you see Washington Island. It's not exactly a hive of activity – and certainly not somewhere you...
Types of Whiskey

Article News Spirits Whiskey

What is Whiskey? That might seem an obvious question, but do you know the difference between a single malt, a blended malt, and a blended whiskey? Do you know the...
Cognac: One Of The French “Spirits”

Article cognac Distillers Education france News Spirits

France’s contributions to the world involve gourmet food, beverages, wine, the revolution, and the Eiffel Tower, to name some. Beverages like Cognac, Armagnac, and Champagne are famous the world over.