Spilling the Tea on Wellness

Spilling the Tea on Wellness

Don’t you wish that wellness was at the top of the list for all tea boutiques?

There’s nothing like knowing that your tea is doing your body a world of good. The perfect combination is when flavor meets with nutrition, creating an outstanding brew that can transform your wellbeing for the better.

It’s never easy finding this type of tea, though. While there are many different brands out there available and affordable, there’s a limit to how they can serve you when it comes to overall wellbeing.

Wild Dog Rose wants you to think about your needs and desires when sipping on their tea. They want their unique, irresistible flavors to invoke a passion in you that translates to your need for health and wellbeing.

Wild Dog Rose is a small tea boutique located in Louisville, Kentucky. Opened in 2016, they offer tea and so much more to cater to your wellness lifestyle.

Every choice you make in life is a part of your journey – it all comes together to form a meaningful existence. Wild Dog Rose wants to opportunity to be a part of this journey with your by offering the very best in tea, as well as other health products.

Emily Gibson and Margaret Ellen saw the need for a wellness tea shop in their community. They understood the social side of tea and wanted to marry this with a beverage which would uphold your wellbeing as well.

They have three primary goals with Wild Dog Rose: self-love, community, and wellbeing. Because they believe in taking time out of life to work on your wellbeing, they wanted to create a safe, invoking space in order for you to do this.

There are many different types of tea on offer at Wild Dog Rose, and their collection is ever-expanding. Both Emily and Margaret are always on the look-out for new ways to create wellness with tea, inspiring you to do the same as you partake in their blends.

Different Types of Wild Dog Rose Tea:

White Tea: Wild Dog Rose features a small, yet exquisite range of white teas. The rose white tea includes hints of both rose and cherry, while their Chinese silver needles white tea has a sweet, more delicate flavor.

Green Tea: you’ll find an extensive range of green tea at Wild Dog Rose. If you like a classic jasmine green tea, experience a new version of this definitive edition with lightly scented jasmine leaves.

Wild Dog Rose’s gunpowder green tea comes with a fiery kick. The hand rolled leaves leave a delicate, yet strong impression – it’s not for the faint-hearted.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find their Serene green tea. This lovely Japanese edition to the green tea family includes lemongrass, peppermint, and chamomile.

Oolong Tea: Wild Dog Rose love their oolong tea, from a light flowery balance of flavors to more earthy tones. Their Chinese Black Dragon oolong tea will leave you with just the right amount of earthiness, while the Oriental Beauty brings through a subtle, yet sweet finish.

Black Tea: Wild Dog Rose have had fun playing around with a strong, classic tea. There’s freedom in creativity and stepping outside of the box when you’ve got a staple that can be mixed with multiple different flavors.

Apple Spice: Wild Dog Rose have incorporated sweet dried apples with cinnamon for a fruity, home-baked feel to their black tea.

Christmas in a Cup: this seasonal treat turns black tea into a Christmas miracle. Clove, orange peel, and cinnamon come together to remind you of your favorite holiday season.

Earl Grey Cream: if you’re someone who likes their black tea milky, then you’ll be partial to Earl Grey Cream. It’s traditional black Earl Grey tea with a hint of vanilla.

Ginger Peach: if you like a bit of zing with your fruit, try the black tea with dried peach and ginger.

Southern Pecan: this may be Wild Dog Rose’s most decadent black tea, bringing pecans, white chocolate bits, and walnuts together for a superior experience.

Herbal Tea: Wild Dog Rose have divided their herbal teas into two categories – pure herbal tea, and herbal blends. They have an extensive range within both.

Catnip Organic: this wellness herbal tea is made with love and a bit of ingenuity that’s understanding of stressful times in life. It can assist with acid reflux, stress, and menstrual cramps, as well as being a great tea to drink just before bedtime.

Licorice Root Organic: if you have an issue with energy, try Wild Dog Rose’s licorice root herbal. It’s designed to stimulate your adrenal gland while easing allergy symptoms and digestive issues.

Herbal Blends: the herbal blend range found at Wild Dog Rose is perhaps the most extensive yet.

Blueberry Infusion: this herbal blend marries blueberries and cornflowers with hibiscus, apples, elderberries, currants, and raisins.

Love Tea Organic: if you’re looking for a herbal blend to share with a loved one, try their Love Tea. It has orange peels, rose petals, cinnamon chips, vanilla beans and cacao nibs.

Winter Spice Organic: this lovely organic blend of seasonal favorites will keep you nice and toasty on a chilly winter’s night. From cinnamon bark and dandelion root to orange peel and ginger root, you’ll want to end every home comfort meal with a spoon, a cup, and this tea.

Wild Dog Rose love to experiment with their teas. They do so to beat you to the punch – every tea combination you could possibly imagine can be found on the shelves of Wild Dog Rose.

There’s a bit of order within the chaos, however. They understand how vital wellness is for you, and want to solve your supplement problems with their tea concoctions.

It’s all about serving you and bringing the community together so that wellness can be both shared and appreciated simultaneously.